How does CSS Flexbox help with positioning?

Hi everybody, can someone please explain why we should use CSS Flexbox, as compared to using regular CSS? What does it have that regular CSS doesn’t? Thank you!

Hello @ezl_programming, my understanding is that flexbox allows elements to be vertically and horizontally aligned easily, as well as providing more pleasing aesthetics than regular CSS.

Flexbox vs Grid display

Flexbox is similar to a grid layout, in that it enables elements to be positioned correctly within their container. However flexbox and grid layouts do have fundamental differences. One difference is that flexbox is one dimensional, whereas grid is two. Grid also has spacing capacity, whereas flexbox does not. This website gives the different uses nicely. I’m not sure whether you’re up to grid display yet.

Thank you @tera5288723178!

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Learn FlexBox! It’s a god-send! It’s so easy to layout a page or layout a section of a page with it.

Check out FlexBox Froggy to see a little how it works:

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