How does cloud based hosting works?

Greetings friends.
There are these cloud services: Azure, linode, heroku, DO … they offer these plans for web app hosting but I’m not sure about how they work in terms of usage and costs.
Lets suppose I wanted to deploy a MERN app (e.g a fairly busy blog website ) what would be my best service choices and what average costs would I be expecting to pay monthly?

I would like to know your opinions and experiences on this topic.

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Hey @emanuelgf

I think if you want to get a feel for the pricing of any of the services you’re looking at, their respective pricing pages would be a good place to start. For example, I use Heroku to host web applications, so their pricing I know is here:

Generally, with cloud hosting, what your site would cost to host depends on how many features you want and how computationally expensive it is. If all you’re hosting is static pages, you’ll find the cost comes in much less than a site serving hundreds of dynamically generated pages.

The other aspect to keep in mind is the platforms you’re developing in. If you’re developing using MERN (which, for anyone not familiar, is MongoDB, Express, React and Node iirc) then you may find Heroku or Linode preferable to Azure Web Hosting. If you were developing in ASP .NET, or had a .NET Core web app, then Azure may be easier.

Again, I’m focusing on Heroku as that’s the platform I’m familiar with, but you can find the languages they support - and documentation on how to deploy apps in those languages - here:

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Thanks again for your insight :+1: