How does bounceBubbles() work?

I’m almost at 15% of the full stack developer journey and I never realized you could expand the project files by clicking on the folder icon… :rofl:



The code doesn’t work for me.

Well, you are not alone :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info!

I feel dumb asking a question about the very first thing shown to me on the entire site but I’m curious. Early on in the replies someone said not to mess with any other lines and just change the letters as it asks or “we could break it”. I’m just trying to get a basic understanding…If someone changes another part of it will that change it for everybody? I just assumed all of it would be like, our own. Does that make sense? I realize in real life if you mess with a website or whatever it could affect others obviously but is that the case with coding as we go thru this?

Fortunately, no. And if you do change something and break the program, all you need do is refresh the page and the code will reload in its original state.

course5887467322 yes i think its for begginers to understand and not get confused.