How does apps programmed in a programming languages are downloaded in another computer from the web and run without any interpreter in the client pc

How does an app programmed in a language such as Java installed and run in another computer which doesn’t have Java interpreter or compiler. How does the computer read that programming language without any interpreter? Is the file downloaded in executable form so that it may be read by all devices?

Very little experience with Java, I think there are two main options: make someone install java on there machine to run your program or convert to an executable file (which include all dependencies)

The question is down-voted on stack-overflow because its a very generic question (you can find an answer using google) and no effort was put in to show you had done research. Stackoverflow is not a beginner friendly forum.

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So if I download some games from the web or from playstore, it runs on the device 'cause it is an executable file. What is all dependencies meaning in

And is there any good beginner friendly forum for me other than this?

Well, Windows works with .exe files (executable files)

phone is already a different story, android uses bundles/apk files. Very different way of publishing content. Ios won’t run java/kotlin apps.

everything needed to run. Often there are build/bundle tools to achieve this

Java has a massive eco-system, getting through all the layers can be challenging. You should focus on specific areas and doing reading in those areas

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Thank you very much