How do you write in code an image on your website please?

How to add a code representing an image on a website please?

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I’m not sure I understand this right – do you want to know how to add an image in HTML?

If yes, simply do:


Which renders as:

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Hello! Thank you soooo much for getting back to me.
As you can see I am very new to coding. The codecadamy states one way to put code into HTML and alt but other companies contradict it.

Basically I am setting up a squarespace website and what to maximise my image tags with code.

I would really appreciate your feedback again.

No worries, we’re here to help as best we can :slight_smile:

Do you have an example to illustrate this?

I’m not familiar with the way Squarespace works in terms of adding images, but perhaps this could help? How to use code block to insert a floating image - Coding and Customization - Squarespace Forum

In html use:

![Cat with tie](upload://qIYJgjDZ4Qlo7dNCAKGWd5HwJir.jpeg)


How to use:

<img src="image's link" alt="text you want to dispaly if the the image fails to load">

In Markdown use:

![Cat With Tie](upload://qIYJgjDZ4Qlo7dNCAKGWd5HwJir.jpeg)


How to use:

![text you want to dispaly if the the image fails to load](Image's link)


Thank you!

text you want to dispaly if the the image fails to load

Now I’m confused because I don’t remember seeing link on the image lesson.