How do you turn this into a program?


I have just one question, how to turn this code into a program??? I give it a .jar extension and a .js one BUT NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!


lets make one thing clear from the start:
java != javascript. Java and javascript are two completely different things. Java is to javascript what ham is to hamster.

Good, that sorted, you are using html to display your output, so you could host it on a webpage. Or you can try to convert to it into a app with phonegap, phonegap allows you to make apps with web powered technology


Thank you. I, unfortunately for this, have Windows 10. I will get it when a Windows 10 Version comes out.


But you made a program (animating your name) to be displayed on a webpage, i would use it as such.


I wrote the code in notepad in windows 10 and saved it with a .html
i cant see anything when i open it in chrome


did you include all the required js files and so on? Add a paragraph to the webpage to see the webpage is at least working


I too cant make it display in chrome


well, please create a new topic with as much information as possible so someone can help you