How Do You Take An Image And Display It On To your Website?

Hey everyone! I’ve searched so much! I am making a website, where you can take a photo then you will be able to post it. But… (Like Facebook, or Instagram!!) I don’t know how to do this… Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Thank you!

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That the (end) user is able to upload image? Or?

if the user needs to be able to upload a image, you need a back-end language (PHP, django, ruby on rails, nodeJS, golang, java and more, so much choice)

then in this language, you need to write the upload functionality.

Jquery can’t do this on its own. (given you posted this under jquery category)

edit: django is a python framework, python is the language
ruby on rails is also also framework, written in the ruby programming language.


Right! I already know PHP

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Well, then i would highly recommend going with PHP, i enter the beginning of the following search query:
php image upload

google does some interesting suggestions, one of which will sure lead to the answer (or you can think of your own search query)

Do you have somewhere to run the PHP code? Given this requires a webserver

you can really easily set up a testing environment by installing XAMPP (just watch on youtube how to use, a video is much better to understand how to get going with xampp)


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