How do you stay motivated?

This space is for sharing about your 30-Day Challenge. :memo:

Whether you’re 1 week or 1 year into coding, learning requires motivation! Use this space to discuss motivation—in the 30-Day Challenge and beyond!

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Week one’s going pretty well. I’m feeling good about my progress, and I’m already coming up with tons of ideas for future stuff I’m gonna develop with Python :slight_smile:


I hope to be able to extract data from text files or html files with regular expressions using Python. #corpuslinguistics :sunny:


After a pretty fast week, working 3-4 hours per day I’m already impressed by what I can do with Js. My streak is 21 days, so idk if I should post here, but I’m in the first week of the 30-day challenge.
After 21 days, coding is part of me and I am motivated because I see evolution in every moment.

Don’t stop and eveything will be ok. The first times, you can’t really see results, but after a week or two, it’s gonna be awesome.

Happy coding everyone!
And welcome on the forums @cloud9098360606!


I’m learning C++, I’m happy with that what I already learned :slight_smile:


A post was merged into an existing topic: Share your Goal :dart:

I cant stay motivated =( . I want to learn what I don’t know but some of the things are already known info and I cant skip and I just want to createee.

hows the progress going at two weeks?

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ah, hang in there, @tag0474823473—consider it an opportunity to test yourself. I’m referring to these strategies for learning, here, specifically #7!

It’s only day 4 of Java and I am still motivated to continue the challenge. It is annoying to see some stuff that I already know but I muscle through it and eventually find some new understanding of old concepts.

Yes! *celebrate*

that's what I'm talking about