How do you stay motivated?

This space is for sharing about your 30-Day Challenge. :memo:

Whether you’re 1 week or 1 year into coding, learning requires motivation! Use this space to discuss motivation—in the 30-Day Challenge and beyond!

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Week one’s going pretty well. I’m feeling good about my progress, and I’m already coming up with tons of ideas for future stuff I’m gonna develop with Python :slight_smile:


I hope to be able to extract data from text files or html files with regular expressions using Python. #corpuslinguistics :sunny:


After a pretty fast week, working 3-4 hours per day I’m already impressed by what I can do with Js. My streak is 21 days, so idk if I should post here, but I’m in the first week of the 30-day challenge.
After 21 days, coding is part of me and I am motivated because I see evolution in every moment.

Don’t stop and eveything will be ok. The first times, you can’t really see results, but after a week or two, it’s gonna be awesome.

Happy coding everyone!
And welcome on the forums @cloud9098360606!


I’m learning C++, I’m happy with that what I already learned :slight_smile:


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I cant stay motivated =( . I want to learn what I don’t know but some of the things are already known info and I cant skip and I just want to createee.


hows the progress going at two weeks?


ah, hang in there, @tag0474823473—consider it an opportunity to test yourself. I’m referring to these strategies for learning, here, specifically #7!

It’s only day 4 of Java and I am still motivated to continue the challenge. It is annoying to see some stuff that I already know but I muscle through it and eventually find some new understanding of old concepts.

Yes! *celebrate*

that's what I'm talking about

I hope to use the skills for data science and statistical modeling to apply for graduate school at the University of Chicago. To move my life forward and better than it has been the last four years.


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I am motivated, but for the first time i was disapointed!
I tried Challenge Project -“World Populations SQL Practice” …and i was stuck !!!
I became frustrated because I didnt find easy help, i was sent through a lot of unnecessary think…

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I have an issue please … help me guys… how do you do the challenges? where are the challenges… in short?

I am working through everything and anything to do with Python.

I started with Python2 and then went through Python3.

While I was working through Python3 I setup vsCode on my Kubuntu system and do side projects “riffs” on the tutorials when I want to dive deeper and explore tangents. I also keep notes in vsCode Workspaces to keep track of challenging ideas and things I want to work on later. These extra riffs on my own system are where I really build my excitement because I get a chance to see if I really understood the assignment, or if I am just following a recipe.

Having completed Python3 I am now working through the Computer Science track. I really wanted to dive deeper into Classes and Objects and with Computer Science, I am getting my wish.

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I’m Japanese. I started from the end of December. This site is really kind for people who cannot understand English well. Thank you!!

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