How do you start building a web app using React? (I don't mean "npx react-create-app"!)

Hi everyone,
during these courses I made the Ravenous and the Jamming project. Codecademy gave us the HTML to be rendered by the files, the CSS etc.
But in real life this won’t happen :frowning:
So… How do you start building a web app using React?
Let’s think about the Jamming…
How do you know that you have to make Track, TrackList, SearchBar, SearchResult components?
How do you know how to prepare the CSS?
Do you start building a “mock-up” static website just using HTML to test the layout and to figure out the CSS, and then you “translate” all in JS and JSX?
Or do you start immediately using JSX?
Thank you very much!

Pretty much… this is why companies have UX and UI designers and they are often separate from front-end engineers. Some people are good designing, others are good with the engineering parts.

Now, how you know that you need to make certain things components? Well, as you build your web app you’ll realize that the functionality you are trying to achieve can only happen with this type of structure.

See if this helps:

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Thank you! This really help! It would be a long long journey :open_mouth:

a long but fun journey! Don’t forget to share ideas here so we can all learn together! Or drop by the Discord server :smiley:

Thanks for sharing. Helpful enough.

Jejeje is so fanny, after finish the web development path, ravenous and jamming done, I thought that would be easier to start, now I have an opportunity to do some practice in a company, they gave me some test to integrate a web page with React, and every time I try some things just get errors and errors, it is so frustrating, is so hard to find a job when you are new, and I will have to let it go.