How do you spell Codecademy?

It’s because we assume it is codeAcademy but no, there’s no A in the name of the website :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha. It is hilarious indeed. :rofl:
I have this website marked in my Favourites Bar as a shortcut of two initials, as “CA”, but it is wrong :rofl: Obviously, Cademy doesn’t start with an “A”.
And I have been studying for many hours and weeks (finished the basics for Python, for example) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

At least I have spotted the “typo” in the instructions straight away. Hahaha.

I haven’t got a clue why codecademy doesn’t like:
console.log("‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’")
but this is OK:
console.log((‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’))
They both have identical outputs.

the first code sample seems to also output/log the apostrophes, which isn’t needed

the second example has an unnecessary set of parentheses.

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I just copied and pasted the text inside the quotation marks :slight_smile:

I think yes
Look at LOG0

actually, now i notice, it’s actually the correct spelling!

I was looking for someone to say that. Its not a typo its the name of the website.

Why is it that everyone else can copy and paste on Codecademy but I can’t?

You can try using the keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting.

Copy: Ctrl + C
Paste: Ctrl + V

Copy: Cmd + C
Paste: Cmd + V

What about Chromebook? If one of those works for Chromebook I’m sorry I’m clueless about this stuff :sweat_smile:

On a Chromebook, the commands should be the same as the ones for Windows.

This is kinda funny. I kept doing a typo on the console part and typed conslole or something dumb.

A bit late here but Chromebook’s current shortcuts are

copy: ctrl + c
paste: ctrl + shift + v

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I did this lesson in March 2021 and the typo is still there. I had to see the solution to see where I was going wrong.

Welcome to the forums!!

It’s not actually a typo, if you look at the logo, the name is Codecademy not CodeAcademy

Ha thank you - I’m clearly blind!

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I think this isn’t a typo, like stetim94 said (scroll down a bit). It is just the name of the website.

It is not a typo, i thought the same as well, then I realized the website name is the same, so it is correct.