How do you spell Codecademy?

This may be a small tidbit, but on page 4 you are asked: On line 3, print 'Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy' to the console.

There probably is a typo in the hashtag


Yeah, for me I can’t get past that part. I followed the hint directions and got :

console.log(‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codeacademy’);

Not really sure what I did wrong here.


i was stuck on this, until i saw your comment about the typo, i kept writing academy isntead of cademy and couldnt figure out where i was going wrong lol - thankyou!


I noticed the same. Hopefully the typo gets fixed soon.

I don’t see the typo? The website you currently use is called codecademy, which is used in the hashtag


The third step under the instruction of the exercise states:

On line 3, print 'Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy' to the console.

im assuming ‘#codecademy’ is a typo

again, why is that a typo? Its the name of this website. What should the correct spelling be then?


(This might be overly pedantic, but) If we’re being asked to print the phrase

Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy

to the console — that is, it wants us to give the input console.log(‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’) — then the question shouldn’t ask us to print

‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy

(which would require console.log(’‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’’) )


(Ack, it deleted my backslashes… please pretend they’re there in the second code example, as i haven’t yet figured out the ins and outs of this message board haha)

I followed the instructions for #3 using the string. It did not except my answer

             Why is it when I typed:

console.log (‘JavaScript’)


console.log (‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’)

             It is considered wrong, but when I type in:

console.log (‘JavaScript’)


console.log (‘Woohoo! I love to code! #codecademy’);

           It becomes correct. Can someone explain this to me?
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Either this code requires a semicolon to work, or they want you to put a semicolon because other languages require it.

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I was a bit confused at first why the proper code wasn’t working myself. After playing around with it for a minute it appeared that there can only be 1 spacing after each !; then my code was validated as correct. I hope this helps.

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I spell “Codecademy” like this, “Codecademy”. This is the name of the educational web-site both you and I are using to learn computer programming languages, data visualization and web-site design. It’s not the web-site where you learn how to spell words in the English language. Web-sites and business names have been bastardizing the English language for quite a long time. Either for marketing purposes or because someone else already owns the domain name or copyright to a particular word or sentence(I will admit I have never fully wrapped my mind around how some one can own a word or sentence, but, it’s the world we live in’. Get used to it.


I noticed the typo as well, but I think it was a way to see if we are paying attention. As a developer you have to be vigilant about this things, so it a way of them keeping us sharp and on our toes.

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There is no typo, the website is called Codecademy


it is not Code/a/cademy


This thread had me laughing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You do realise the website we are using is actually called “Codecademy” and not "Codeacademy!!!

So it is definitely not a typo.


yeah…i also got stucked in it…it also felt me like some typo but than i just copy pasted it and it worked:)

#course0350760535 you did not spell codecademy correctly! It is codecademy, not codeacademy

Seriously the name of the website is codecademy not codeacademy and there is no typo in the hashtag

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