How do you remember all the different languages

I just took the first code lesson in python, and for me its allready difficult to remember all the things. How can you possibly remember and understand 4 or 5 program languages. Or do you just focus on 1 special and the rest just the basic?

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In the beginning programming is new and different, so its difficult anyway.

But once you know you first programming language, you will see familiar concept in the second and third languages (function, classes for example), so if you understand these concepts in general, it becomes a lot easier

Also worth noting that when some concept is new to you, then pretty much all examples of that concept appear to be the same or very similar; i.e. we lack discernment without lots of exposure to that thing.

Ergo, as you build up more experience of programming, you will come to discern the differences between, and strengthen the common fundamentals of the languages you know.

This is I’m sure why people who speak multiple languages find it easier to learn a new language; they don’t just understand the language, they come to understand language itself at a deeper, structural level, and so they learn how to correlate structure and meaning from one language to another.

So with programming; the more programming languages you learn, the more you come to understand programming itself, and not just the specifics of the language you are learning. Variations in syntax and application become less and less of a barrier as you increase your grasp of the deeper fundamentals.

Or: how the brain works.

So just carry on and this will come :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is such an elegant explanation. Thanks for your input, @antonjw!

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