How do you remember all of this?

Hey guys!

I have been doing Codecademy for about a month now and one revelation that I have had during the course of my lessons was this: there is a LOT to memorize about programming!

As I’m sure many of you know already, programming entails a lot of procedures for each individual thing. I have been making notes on everything I have been taught but I still occasionally forget what a certain function does in the grand scheme of things.

Considering that I am going to pursue an education in game development in the near future, I have to ask: how do you remember all of this?

Unless if you are using everything on a regular basis, you’re definitely going to forget some things. In school though, you can’t afford to do that. With that said, what advice can you guys give me when it comes to memorizing material?


In Physics class years ago the same question came up. “How are we to remember all these formulae?” To which the teacher responded, “Don’t. Learn the concepts and be able to recognize them, then the relationship will be clear and you will have a path moving forward.”

Understanding is acquired through practice and reading, practice and reading.



This is something that I had trouble with when I first started learning to code. Its daunting and can seem like you drinking from a firehose. I coded in the past mainly websites html, css and only recently started learning python so I can use it in my role as data analyst.

Like you I take notes then put them away and use retrieval practice sessions where I put all my notes away and just write everything down that I know about a topic. For example writing python functions. I then check my notes this lets me see the concepts am still not getting a handle on and where to spend my time.

I would say code every day and take on personal projects. Take what you learn here use it personal/job projects. This way you come across problems that you need to solve and overcome.

As long as you understand the concepts being taught then the syntax can be looked up easily if you forget it. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget as at the end of the day in working environment your employed to solve business problems not to remember every bit of code.

Understand from a school perspective this might be different. If it was me I would learn about space repetition, retrieval practice etc as these techniques of learning are back by science and have shown you retain information better.

Just remember that learning can sometime be like entertainment so put what you learnt into real world projects.