How do you progress?


Ok so i cannot work out where i have gone wrong and no one else has helped. - what is the process for resuming study here? Or is it just accepted that if your code is not compiled correctly you cannot go any further?


Refreshing the page and try something else. Or if you're helplessly stuck post informations about your problem including:

  • exercise name and/or number, tasks it should perform / link to the exercise
  • error message
  • code (formatted as indents matter in python)
  • and maybe further information such as:
    • what does it
    • what do you think it should do
    • what it should really do
    • what you tried so far
    • aso

often the black dots will be sufficient as some problems may occur more frequently. Anyway the more the better. Because without any hint what the exercise and your code looks like it's hard to give you a good hint on how to progress. Also it is not even clear if it is just a small typo or lack of understanding aso.


Hello, everyone…I am new to Python Programming…I am presently stuck at the point /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/jan …if you know what I mean…I cannot move forward with my lessons…WHEN I TYPE cd…/feb it returns that there is no such file…I am stuck…CAN YOU HELP? igorkaye