How do you print all?


Just curious. Can someone tell me how? In stead of printing all like this

food = 1
rood = 2
print food
print rood

can you print all using one print?

food = 1 
lottery = 2
happy = 3
angry = 4
amazing = 5
print all

This doesn't work... :frowning:

so how?


But what lesson is this?


It isn't a lesson. I'm just curious and want to know how to print all.


I'm a bit lazy on the subject but I think these data you cited are not variables that Python would understand. She would not interpret the codes. I know of some ways how to do but these variables, I believe, do not exist.


You could try using a comma like so,
print food, rood


No but I want to print all without putting rood or food. I just wanna print all using all or something. But how do you do that?


First, it has to be a valid variable.
Of course, I'm a bit lazy on the subject soon, do not accept 100%, my understanding about the language.
But on second thought, I think there's no way I can not.

I'll give one more study. After all, I'm not even an expert on the subject.


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