How do you practice C#?

Hi, everyone, I am a beginner and I love code cademy, each chapter is short and easy to understand…But after progressing through few lessons I feel like I am forgetting stuff I learned in previous lessons. I use the practice pack every day but the questions are Repetitive, Fill in the blanks, MCQs, Easy, and don’t fully cover everything I learned in the course.
Can anyone please tell me how do you practice C# outside of “code cademy”? do you use any websites, apps, or programs that provide exercises with solutions? is it okay/normal to learn two programming languages at once ( I am learning HTML and C#)? and any book suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:


You can download and install visual studio. This will allow you to write code outside of this website.
You can practice by building something. Think of something you would like to create and build it. If you get stuck along the way open up the C# course you completed on here and look at the cheatsheets as a reminder.

If you’re thinking about developing games instead of apps. You might want to look at completing a course on unity. You will also have to download and install visual studio for this but all the instructions will be on their website.

Ultimately you need to ask yourself why you learned C# to begin with. Memorizing the syntax of a language comes from using it.

Yes, its normal to learn more than one language at the same time. The dummies books make a good reference guide and they break everything down into easy steps. I’d recommend them.

Thank you so much for the reply.

Your welcome.

There is a YouTube channel made by a person called Derek Banas, I’ve found to be extremely useful!
The guy really knows his stuff, works through it at a rapid pace. He teaches most languages you would of heard of and a few you probably haven’t.

He has a 25 video C# playlist here:

He goes into a lot more detail than the course here does. Most of the stuff in the first couple of videos you would have covered. But I still recommend starting from the begging as you’ll still learn a few things, or at the least a few different methods.

for example

            string name;
            name = Console.ReadLine();

            //way shown on website
            Console.WriteLine($"I'm printing this persons name {name}");
            //way shown from Derek Banas
            Console.WriteLine("I'm printing this persons {0}", name);

And remember if he is going to fast there is always the pause button.

Thnaks again…all the best for all your future projects :smile: