How do you organize or manage your Git repogitories?

Hello, I’ve just created my github account and I will push some of my work to my github
But It’s confused, I don’t know which is the better way to organize my files.

I have 4 folders on local. Each one has a html file, a css file and a javascript file.

Like this.

carousel.js + html + css
caculator.js + html + css
counter.js + html + css
todolist.js + html + css

Should I make 4 repositories and push a project per repo?
Is there any way that I can make just one repo like “my-javascript-practices” and push them all together?

Which is better way to have well-organized github? lol

I think at the end of the day organising your own projects is down to you. It’s certainly possible to commit and push a folder with several subdirectories if you wish. If you’re including public projects to display to an employer perhaps you want particularly noteworthy of useful projects to stand-alone whereas more general work could go into subdirectories. A good option might be to have a nosey at folks in a similar field and get some inspiration if that’s possible.