How do you open a SQL program to practice with?

I watched the first video from Codecademy youtube channel and read the article that it came with. The article didn’t make much sense nor did the video. The article said something about installing Git-bash which I did but it didn’t clearly state what it was used for or how to even use it or even how it related to SQlite. The video that was related however wasn’t even using git-bash and it skipped A LOT of info. And for some reason they didn’t use git-bash the person used CMDER. Which I get it the person who wrote the article probably couldn’t write use this not that or whatever…

Hello @jlee860, welcome to the forums, I’m not sure exactly how to install SQLite, but if you just wanted a place to practise writing SQL queries, you could use

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For now, just install SQLite and if you’re a beginner the best option is probably to download DB Browser for SQLite and use that to practice.

I’m not sure why Codecademy recommends the command line approach as the first way to interact with SQLite. It’s useful to know for building apps/programs, or if you’re scraping the web and making your own database, etc…but if you just want to practice SQL or do data exploration, it’s a bit cumbersome.

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