How do you make this outside of Code Academy


I was doing the "Code Your Own Adventure" lesson and was wondering how i could do this outside of code academy? (What programs on a mac can i do all of this in?)


You're using JavaScript, so I'm not sure. Terminal can do Java and Python, (and more), like probably JavaScript, but you have to download the language of JavaScript down to your computer. Additionally, there are IDEs you can use for edition, so I would just look online in google or something for a JavaScript IDE.
EDIT: I'll add the names I know of them here, and will edit it when I find more:
Sublime Text
Aptana Studio

Additionally, you'll need to use text edit and write the code then save it as .js (look up how to do that)
I looked into using terminal on Mac for JS, and what you have to do is just download the JS language to your computer, a simple google search should suffice. Additionally, I listed good free IDE's to download, and all you have to do to save a file as .js is choose plain text in TextEdit and then when naming it, name it .js on the end :slight_smile:
I hope this could help some!


write in any text editor and open in a web browser!!


save it using .js extension


This is exactly the goal of the the final project in the JavaScript course! (

In this project, you’ll build a game from scratch. You’ll leave Codecademy’s learning environment and build locally, on your own computer, testing and running the game in the browser.

You need a Pro subscription to access this final project, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee available if you want to give it a go :slight_smile:

In terms of applications you need on your Mac, you only need two :

  1. A text editor – Sublime or Atom are recommended (
  2. A web browser – Chrome is recommended for it's excellent DevTools feature (


okay, some good answers here, but i feel a few essential points are missing, so far with coding your adventure i assume you use: console.log(), but this is a problem, in real life, the console is used for debug, see how to acccess the console in safari here

in general, js is used in interaction with html (webpages) see the bin i created here:

bin example

if it doesn't work, press the press the run with js button in the top right.

then click the button in the output, the text should change.

now, you can achieve the same effect on mac (with a text-editor as already mentioned), you can just create html and js files

the other option is to use nodeJS (download link) this allows you to run js code in a terminal.


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