How do you make something blue


read the topic above.


Well, you can add a style attribute, then use color or background-color property + blue value to make something blue, or if you want a specific blue color, use a hex color


Two ways(probably much more but this is the basics).. And it depends what your aiming for....

background-color: blue
color: blue


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What about bold and itallics

font-weight: bold;
or not something I would personally recommend but you can use <strong> </strong> in html

italics in html is <em> </em> 

font-style: italic;


font-weight: bold

Like @benjnev said, he woudlnt reccomend using that in css. You could easily do

<strong>Your Text</strong>

And "Your Text" would be bold

font-style: italics


shouldn't it be italic without s at the end? See mdn documentation. @ravenclaw42, mdn is great documentation if you need a property (like color, background-color, bold italic, text-align, and so on)


Yeah it should be, this is w3schools sucks, should stop using them

I should also learn to read properly :no_mouth:


Yes it does... Simple mistake...

W3 didnt do anything wrong @benjnev : Look here

W3 Schools is a great resource. Not risky in my opinon at all


w3schools is very risky, be very careful when you use it


I know I know, rarely look at it now but it was the first link that came up

also I misread it after I just went and looked


The Docs are the official "place to read". But W3 Schools is a good backup if that language/framework/etc... dosent provide you with a doc, or the doc is just not good... @benjnev


They cleaned up there act a bit now but were notorious for giving outdated / completely wrong information.

List of reasons against w3 schools.

They use too many "script" tags
They tell you to use inline styling
Their float-clearing methods are outdated
They layout pages with tables
Their embedded code is horrific
They believe that CSS3 is part of HTML5
They fail to recognized, valid user-suggested changes


w3schools good, no, they are not. They are a closed community, they have many internal stylesheet/script (bad practice), they took ages to update to prepared statements which is a must for security in php (if they have by now, doubt it), if you don't believe me, read this, and run a background check on the people who wrote it


thank you to all of you


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use css

for example.

p>example /p>


p {


css in 4. social networking profile? External stylesheet is not yet available then.


You replying to me? I think you are.
I thought it was just in general how to make something blue. Didn't manage to read the lesson and level.