(How) do you make data driven decisions in your day to day life?

Have you found any useful, fun or maybe even silly ways to bring data driven decision making into your day to day life? If so, what does that look. like? And what did you learn from it?

Hey Dylan
you specified silly so I feel called in haha
when I’m approximating a queue (e.g. Airport, Supermarket etc) I usually pick another lane from the lane chosen by whoever was in queue in front of me.

The idea behind this is that whenever we can choose which lane to pick we do it (usually) in order to minimise the waiting time.

If the person in front of me chose a lane based on this principle, following his/her choice is going to be suboptimal for me, meaning: if I would choose the same lane I would always stay behind him/her and we can measure if we did the right choice if we are able to finish the queue before the person that was in front of us before picking any lane.

Does this make sense? xD

This may be of interest: Greedy Algorithm

Haha, that’s really cool! I like the comparison to a greedy algorithm, and it makes sense to me! :slight_smile:

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