How do you make a New Program?


hey y'all! I am Kat, and I am new to Codecademy. I am NOT, however, new to programming. I would like to know how to make a "New Program" So I can learn the perks of this website. However, I cannot find anything where you can make a New Program(or, in this case, a new project) Its for JS. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks y'all!:smiley:


You could create a Codebit on your profile to work in a web environment.

Or you could make something on the first JavaScript exercise! :slightly_smiling:



Welcome :green_heart: to Codecademy

In the codecademy JavaScript course you make mini projects, games ect So you can check that out !

CodeCademy also has pro which will give you access to even more projects to work on :slightly_smiling:

There's also Angular JS which is an advanced course and has many projects (especially for pro memebers)

Hope this helps :heart:


@zainabrawat thanks so much!!! I will totally check out the JS program!


@krazykat1 You're welcome :green_heart:

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling:
Happy coding !

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@cadecodes IHow do you get to a Codebit, exactly?


Go to your profile, click projects/codebits, then click create new codebit.


@cadecodes thanks so much!!!


Welcome! :slightly_smiling:


For anyone else reading this, here is your codebits page.