How do you learn online course?

i just want to know how do you guys learn online course especially codecademy, do you read the cheatsheet before try to solve the code? or read and write cheatsheet or even the code ?.

i just want to find the effective way to learn online course. :slight_smile:

Hi there! :grinning:

One thing’s for sure: everyone learns differently.

I would say take your time.

Don’t try to force-feed yourself with information, because the things you force feed to yourself will easily slip out of your memory later on. Speaking of that, don’t forget to think about how you could use what you are learning to make a project of your own. After using what you learned for making something that’s representative to you, it will be harder for you to forget what you learned.

Just curious, what Codecademy courses do you plan on taking? :slightly_smiling_face:


Another useful thing to do is to take notes while you’re learning it. Then, next time you get stuck, instead of going to the solution, read your notes, and see if that will help you. Also-like @yizuhi said, do projects when you can. They don’t have to be large, but as long as they are helping you remember the information you’ve learnt. A good website which gives you coding challenges is CodeWars.


thank you for your advice :slight_smile:.

i’m going to take Data Science and Building Machine Learning Model With Python.

I usually follow a lesson and if I get stuck, open a new tab and search online for related help. In my experience most lessons in Codecademy are self-contained and reading the provided information is enough to get through the questions.

I think having to search for documentation, additional information and examples of code is very common in programming, so don’t feel bad if you have to look something up mid-lesson: it’s totally normal and we all do it!


Ooh that sounds cool! I honestly know nothing about any of those topics lol :sweat_smile:

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Another thing worth considering is to think about what general fields your area of study falls into. For example, the data science path is enhanced by learning fundamentals of statistics (and all the implied branches).


Hi @coreblaster26147!

I sincerely recommend you to rewrite the sample codes. Rewriting the more complicated ones would allow you to better understand what’s going on and memorize the process. You can also try running the code on PythonTutor (a powerful step-by-step debugging tool).

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same here :slightly_smiling_face: