How do you guys think coding will change the future in 10 or 20 years?

I think we will have more demands of people who can code.


There will be new languages, some ones currently may be dead. You don’t know until it happens.


Hi @brainpow!

That’s an interesting question… most people assume that there will be more technical jobs and fewer jobs that involve physical effort, but will it really be that way? What if we find a way to completely automate the coding part of any task Sure, some coders will be kept on to keep the project running, but then fewer coders would be needed.

An alternative would be that everything is completely run by machines and coding will basically be needed to function in society. But of course, this is the extreme of both sides. Most likely, it’ll be pretty similar to it is now. It might be in a little bit higher demand, but I don’t think much is going to change in 10 to 20 years
That’s just what I think though, hope it gives you something to think about


but if coding will become a main part of the society, then wouldn’t the demand go up. because if the newer generation is gong to grow up around coding, then i think we will have more ideas that will involve more people who learn how to code.


This topic finally came up…

Some languages like jQuery will probably be dead in 20 years. There will be new ones like what @cpluspluscoder said. Some will become bigger, and more popular. And what @stevencopeland said, robots and other technology that most of us can’t imagine will be around (Just talk to an older person). The simple thing is- we don’t know. We simply won’t until the future happens. We can imagine and try to be successful, but we might not be. Same with others. The future is just what we-and others make it.

You just responded:

Robots and different technology will replace part of the jobs in 20 years as @stevencopeland said. Yes, coding jobs will be needed, but in my thoughts, not tons unless more and more people do different languages. But there are many other jobs out there that people can do, and need to do to keep things in balance. Coding might be more important later, but we’ll also possibly have new technology we don’t know of yet to help us that doesn’t require humans. And when we code, we come up things that humans don’t have to do anymore. But I could be wrong, because, also, yet again even fridges have programming. This brings me back to my main point- We simply don’t know until the future comes.

I hope this helps =)


Yes, Some of this stuff today, I never knew it would be there. But its here today.


if robots do take over(which they will), then that means that the value of coding will go down…right???

Not necessarily, who is gonna keep those robots up and running? And everything can improve so people will still be needed to keep working on making them better, faster, and more efficient!

Also, in answer to your last question, if there’s an completely automated process to create code, why should anyone learn to code? If we can just let robots do it, why waste time doing it ourselves?


Things may stay the same… who knows. We cannot predict the future, so our answers will be our thoughts, of course. :slight_smile: There will be more tech out there, obviously, and the demand for people with that experience may be higher. Tech will keep advancing, and people want more and expect more out of it. Languages will either keep changing/updating, or may become outdated/dead, based on its: type, popularity, or even if the language has its security vulnerabilities, making it unusable and the creator and team giving up on fixing the issues. (Lets not worry about that right now though). :smile:

There will still be jobs that require labor. Not everything needs to have a robot doing it, because we humans can handle and assert things much better than a robot can. Yes, there is AI, but I don’t think it will go so far that it will replace jobs that require interacting naturally with people (like a nurse speaking with a patient, giving comfort to someone), and etc.
Anyway, I hope this was helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


i just pray that we dont get lost trying to move forward.