How do you fix unresponsive workspace?

How do we fix unresponsive workspace in codecademy


Currently, several problems in Codecademy on going on, and staff are trying to fix them. Stay patient, and it should be fixed soon!

Ways to fix it:

  1. Refresh Page
  2. Sign out, then back in
  3. Change browser
  4. Shut down, then restart computer
  5. Contact Codecademy Team Member

I hope this helps =)


Would this be a problem if the browser is supplying the scripting engine? That would lessen the need for the OS’s scripting engine when DOM script is run. If everything else is still working correctly, a restart is not necessary.

Regardless of browser, if this is a CC related issue that can be worked around, then a full-flush refresh (Ctrl+F5) might be what it takes to restore the namespace. Mind this is an iframe so there are two namespaces; one namespace is the response page to the request in the location bar, the other is the namespace of the iframe, which is itself a document, hence deriving a second DOM. It’s within this document tree that our code works. F5 might only be refreshing this frame. Ctrl+F5 will for sure refresh the location bar request.

I can’t recall the last time logging out and in again was a necessity.

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