How do you do the Next! lesson


how do you do it i cant make it work no matter hoe i put it with this
The next keyword can be used to skip over certain steps in the loop. For instance, if we don't want to print out the even numbers, we can write:

for i in 1..5
next if i % 2 == 0
print i
In the above example, we loop through the range of 1 through 5, assigning each number to i in turn.
If the remainder of i / 2 is zero, we go to the next iteration of the loop.
Then we print the value of i. This line only prints out 1, 3, and 5 because of the previous line.
Add a line to your loop before your print statement. Use the next keyword so that you skip to the next iteration if the number i is odd.

Use the example above for help, but remember that the example above skips even numbers.


loops and iterators lesson nine


next if i % 2 != 0

This will skip all ODD numbers essentially you are doing the opposite of what the example did.


Thank you what does the ! do it said ==