How do you de stress from a day of coding ? [Lets engage !]


Hey Coders!

We all have that time when we say we I love coding! :wink: then it changes to I HATE coding! :angry:

Coding is not always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it thunders and there's BAD storms :cloud_lightning:

So after a full and long day of coding/programming what do you do to relax :question:

PS. I'm not trying to spread negativity about programming !

What I do:

  • I come here to the forum to hangout help others and I also chat to other Moderators (we are fun people !)
    ps. I don't come here to let of steam, when I need to let of steam I eat ! I don't suggest you interact with people when you are frustrated cos then you might end up in a fight !
  • I watch YouTube video's [sometimes about tech, tutorials or just fun video's]
  • I like going on social media seeing new posts interacting with programmer pages ect.
  • Reading eBooks (not about coding or studying anything)
  • Swimming
  • Baking !
  • I get away from my pc and interact with the world !

What do you do ???

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I play video games that I did not code :wink:
Then I study for school, even that school has not started yet.

P.S. Interact with the world? What's the world??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Away from your pc? Why would you do that?

What's 'the world', I've heard about that a lot recently..

I guess you could use 'fun' to describe you guys.... most of the time.


Lol so true...but I use a mac




Well, Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to macs

  • I hang out with friends, not too often, I am an extreme introvert;
  • I listen to music, my all time favourite make the world disappear bands are Airbag and Riverside;
  • I do knitting, I simply love knitting, brainlessly satisfying activity;
  • I read books (paper, I do not know why but I just don't like eBooks), usually some fantasy stuff (I like P.V. Brett and A. Sapkowski books and King's The Dark Tower series) or anything about history, sociology, psychology... everything that is not strictly related to CS;
  • I bake, Nutella stuffed chocolate muffins :heart:.


I go outside. I live in a place that has good weather all year round, so going outside is always an option. Or I watch youtube videos of conferences or talks on a coding-related topic


Explain what this means please?


Yeah, I bake as well, hmm anything with chocolate :chocolate_bar:

I forgot to mention I like swimming as well !
(I shall add it in!)


What is "Friends"? Is it a programming language? A video game? A comic book? A Kree insectoid?


Yeah, I bake as well, hmm anything with chocolate :chocolate_bar:

That is exactly my thing! :slight_smile:

My sports interests are limited to playing rapid chess and watching some snooker, I will definitely not add it to my post :wink:

What is "Friends"? Is it a programming language? A video game? A comic book? A Kree insectoid?

@turtwigpo I am really sorry, but this joke is so old that is more pathetic than funny. I am too old for that :panda_face:


workouts = ['P90Xยฎ', 'Insanityยฎ', 'last but not least Go Outside']
workouts2 = ['...', '...', 'Go Outside']
- :cherry_blossom:


I want to try chocolate coated popcorn, I heard its really nice.

Saw it here: