How do you change your profile image?



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you can update your profile picture on the main site. But the link between the forum is currently broken, so the image on forum can’t be changed.


Do you know when it might be fixed?


I am not sure what i am allowed to disclose, but hopefully as soon as possible


What do you mean by “disclose”?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


As moderator i sometimes get information which hasn’t made public yet, and its not my call to make this information public, that is what i mean with disclose.


Is it possible you could find out by someone else who’s in that section (the section which makes the info public)?:neutral_face:


okay, arranged. Now you just have to wait


How long shall I wait for because at 4pm I’ll be leaving for 10 minutes (minimum amount of time) to 1 hour (maximum amount of time) to collect my older sister!


we don’t have a timeline yet on when this might be fixed, but we hope that people won’t find it too annoying in the meantime.


No! It’s not annoying but I’m just wondering so I can change it to an image which I’ve saved in file explorer!:grinning:


By the way has stetim94 got anything more about it yet?


if someone knows, its danieloduffy, he is the community manager.

You can change you profile picture on the main site in the settings, this image only won’t be reflected on the forum, as i explained


Ok! Thx for the help and when the image you want to upload can be displayed in the forum/chat room areas can you or one of the team members send me a notification!:smiley:


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