How do you ask the user to input something to List?

I made a list and i need the user to add something to the list using input() and the append(), but i don’t know how. Anything i should do?
It seems like a tough thing to code, i mean using multiple functions in one line of code.

The first step would be obtain user input…

user = input("Enter a new value to add to the list: ")

Admittedly, we can refactor code in such a way as to reduce it to minima although that is not the objective for a learner to work toward. Better to write all code in naive fashion and keep everything out in the open, even to the point of redundancy.

Good code is something rather hard to zero in on. Does it work as expected? Does it meet objectives, exactly? Is it free of special cases that may cause it to fail or return errant results?

What you wish to do can fall into three steps. The first, above gets us the user input. The second would logically be to validate the input so it meets our program’s needs. The final step would be to append the data to the list.