How do you add space for multiple line at the same time?

Hello everyone:
According to codecademy the tbody element should contain all of the table’s data. This mean I need to add space infront every line of my code about the table’s data to nested within the tbody tag. Is there a way for me to add space for multiple line of code at the same time? Below is an example.


yes, select all the lines you want to indent more and press Tab
(you can do shift+Tab to reduce the indent instead)

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Thank you so much! This will save me a lot of time.

For nesting tags use the TAB key to push the cursor further inside when you are writing. Set the indent size in your code editor to 4 spaces. It will give a nicer and uncluttered look to the code which will be easier to read.
This way you will save time also as you don’t have to go back and push the elements inside again.