How do we use these JavaScript skills with a console? Any softwares?


Hi guys, I’ve been wondering where can we get a program that will debug and print console.log to a console?

Using notepad ++ and saving it to a .js or .jar file doesn’t really work, just a random cmd box popping out for just less then a second and vanishes.

Maybe eclipse? Is there a software like the codecademy tutorials with a black console box aside or maybe something that will make console.log pop out with a message box or a feedback like the calculator exercise we did?

And is it possible to use JS to program something that have a lasting User Interface, or is it needing some specific Java developing software? Thanks :smiley:


Js is used for two things, the first one is front-end web development (given its the only scripting language in browser), so then its paired with html, most browsers do have a console built in.

The other technology is nodeJS (for web back-end development) which can be used to run JS standalone


But what about minecraft-like games? I know they requires millions of command lines but is it coded with visual studio or java? Any third party softwares?


minecraft is written in Java (not Javascript, javascript is not the same as Java)

million lines of code, not million of command lines, command lines is something very different.

Visual studio is just IDE (integrated development environment), what IDE or text-editor is used is a preference to the programmer (unless given no choice)

we can write Java code using Visual studio (or any IDE or text-editor for that matter)

Very few games (particular large ones) are written in Java, mostly c++ used (given a lot legacy code and engine code exist in this language)


Java has a different language? Not JS?
BTW I remember that visual studio supports Java, or was it JS? :sweat_smile:


yes, Java is a very different language then JavaScript

VS (visual studio) supports both Java and JavaScript


Does it mean that java doesn’t use Java script? Then except for browsers,
is JS any much use then? Something like html?
Wow thanks for teaching me that :joy:


But they are both quite similar right?


Java and Javascript are both programming language, and apart from that they have little in common

JS can be used for backend web development (just like Java, python, ruby, golang and more)

well, html is only the page layout
css the styling and position of the page layout
js can manipulate both html and css, to dynamically change anything and everything on a page (request additional content from web server and append it to page is also possible, in JS)

no, absolutely not. The design of the languages is nothing alike (static vs dynamic typing to name a major one)


Oops sorry😅
I didn’t see your message clearly that stats that Java is a very different
language sry😅


Btw there is on online course about Java at codecademy right?


yes, there is:


I’ll check it out, thanks Stetim94 :smile:
If I have any more questions then the bombarding of questions shall start
again ok?:ok_hand:


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