How do I use the <imput> tag using html

I just want to know when someone puts something in my imput area

Form controls take several forms, two of which receive typed user input, <input> and <textarea></textarea>.

textarea has a number of optional attributes.the most common being the rows and cols which sets the size of the window to accept text input.

input also takes text, but can only have one row, of which we can set the width.

Notice that input is a self-closing tag, where textarea requires opentag and endtag since it holds text content.

To know what a user enters we need to use DOM script and event listeners. The built in scripting language in browsers is JavaScript. If you haven’t taken the track, then now would be the time to do it since you will need it.

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I need to know when someone puts their email in my sign up area so I can send them emails how do I get notified when they do

Do you have a live site with a form handler on the server side? That would also imply you have a subscription database (subscriber base).

No but I am making one right now

If you have a new site, then don’t expect a high response rate. People are not going to give your their private information if they don’t trust your site’s Privacy Policy.

To protect your subscribers, invest in a list service and then use their API. Then you just send your user’s form data to them. Periodically you will upload a newsletter and hit Send. The list service will distribute your newsletter to all your subscribers. They will also keep everything legal by allowing all subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe.

No I haven’t uploaded it but how do I know what they respond

Clearly, this is all very new to you. Welcome to the world of web development. Be aware, though, that web publishers are bound by a huge set of responsibilities which I will not begin to list here. That will be for you to investigate.

My concerns are centered on public privacy. There are laws that apply to how we as website owners can interact with the public, and age is a big consideration. Protection of user provided information is another one.

Young people do not respect either of these constraints so there is no point listing any others. They want attention. We have seen millions of URL’s come and go over the past 20+ years, and every one of them were centered upon getting attention.

It’s not a bad thing to get attention. That is the goal. But the motivation and the user experience offered will weigh heavily upon the success of any media campaign. A web page release is a media event. A new subject or product or event is a media campaign.

But what do we need subscribers for? Well, that’s kind of obvious… They are a supporter base and they can trigger a viral event if given the experience they want.

Some things to think about.

I repeat, do not handle private data yourself. Hand it off to a service provider for the most professional results and don’t carry the liability.

Hey my dad is a I.T. Pro should I ask him

And how could I let you help me make my webpage

If you wanted to help

I have not deployed it yet though

Then don’t. Write it on your machine for you and your dad to view. Study up on accessibility and responsiveness and hone that understanding. Take the time to get a command of the tools. An amateur takes a hammer to pretty much everything. A pro has the right tool for the job.

Just tell me how to let other people edit it

you have to give people access to the file, this could be done with dropbox. or something which is a bit more designed for software development (git, which gives version control)

or if you want to keep it simple something like collabedit or similar.

as for your input field, you can’t achieve this with just html. You will need a database and a language (ruby, python, nodejs, golang, php) to communicate with your database, to store the email adresses

Ok but does it have automatic updates when I change my webpage

it? What is it? tools like colladebit should have automatic update.

Making good clear questions can help us make better answers

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If I change my page will people who I let help me receive my changes

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if you edit the file in colladebit or similar tool will able to see the changes (instantly) , if just edit the file local on your computer, you will have to send them an updated (by email for example)

Ok can you help me make my webpage