How Do I Use Multiple Languages In The Codecademy Workspaces?

I want to be able to use multiple languages in the Codecademy Workspaces(I mean not HTML, CSS and JavaScript). It makes me choose a template and that template’s languages are one of the only languages the current workspace supports. How can I do this? If I can’t than I will have to use VS Code.

Currently, Codecademy only supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. If you want to code other languages in an IDE use another IDE such as visual code studio or Replit until Codecademy supports more languages.

You don’t get what I mean. Before CC workspaces only supported HTML, CSS, JS & Python. But know you can do all the languages that CC teaches except esoteric languages: Emojicode & LOLCODE.

For example if I choose Ruby:

My question was:
Because when I create a workspace it asks me to choose the workspace’s language(s)(template), it only supports the language I choose.

I mean:
If I choose Ruby as the workspace’s language then can I create a PHP file in there? Or maybe a Kotlin file:

Like this:
A Kotlin workspace:
with a JavaScript file:

what happens if you run it

Which one do I run? _____

The koltin code.js one

It doesn’t give any output.
Try it:

Ok then it means that the file is code.js.ktm .ktm being the file extention

Can you give us a reason as to why you might expect a Kotlin-oriented workspace, which will provide the necessary compiler and runtime environment for Kotlin, to be able to also handle PHP or JavaScript?

Your question is a little bit like asking whether you can play a Minidisc on an 8-track cassette deck…

I might want to work with both Kotlin and PHP. Well no. But in another sense.
I want a C# oriented workspace to support also Python and C++. If workspaces weren’t language specific(not oriented) than I could just put more than one language in my workspace.

Yes, but why?

If your demand is based solely on convenience, it’s not exactly difficult to create a new workspace for each random idea that crosses your mind. (No more difficult than it has been for me to create a new REPL for them over the years…)

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Workspaces shouldn’t have to be based on a template language. It shouldn’t make you choose the language and instead let you create files of any language supported at CC as I want.


…then how do you propose handling the necessary “back end” required to make the workspace run? If you’re writing Kotlin, you need a Kotlin compiler. If you’re writing C#, you need a C# compiler and an appropriate .NET Framework. If you’re writing C…

This isn’t so different to, for example, having to tell Visual Studio which language you intend to be writing in so it can initialise the appropriate components to support your project.

If you want to be able to mix and match languages, maybe you should be looking at setting up your own environment?


Just like in Visual Studio Code.

Yes but the compiler can be based on what file extension. Why can’t CC Workspaces just not use a language template and just give you a compiler depending on what file extensions of the files you make. This is like VS Code.