How do i upload images as an editor?


How can i upload recipes images on this app as an editor?


Hey @ritikasantara,

There's no way to upload images directly into the app right now, so you'd have to go to an image storage site such as Imgur, upload your image there, then copy the image's URL and use that in the app.

If you're interested in building a file upload functionality, Ruby on Rails shows you how here: :slight_smile:


Hey Zystvan,

Thanks for replying.I was wondering if i could have more than one 'index'
requests in a rails app.I have been working in a Travel App lately and its
index page displays the latest 3 posts.I want all the posts to be shown
when i click on an 'All posts' button. Could you tell how that should be


@ritikasantara You might have two controllers, one for posts, and one for the home, about, contact, etc., pages. Then you just set your pages#index (if you decide to call the controller Pages) action to pull in the three latest posts with a link to the blog part of the site. Then in your posts#index, you grab all of the posts, not just three.


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