How do I upload an image onto this website in HTML editor?


I want to add an image from the web to my code, but when I try to, it never loads. It just shows a square box. Am I doing something wrong? Could someone help me? :confused:


Is the image on somebody else’s webpage?


yes, i think so. i mean, i google the image, copied the link, and tried to use that link to upload the image, but it won’t load! :confused:


Could be the site forbids hotlinking to protect bandwidth and proprietary content. We are not free to scrape or link content for re-use on the web.


Ok, I now have a new problem. I cannot find my project that I was working on. Do you know where to find projects?


'Fraid not. That’s why it is always a good idea to post a link to the exercise when starting a new topic.


So, in other words, I’m screwed, aren’t I? :persevere:


Wouldn’t say that… What was the project about? Building a webpage?

You could check your browser history for pages you’ve been on recently.


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