How do I turn something into a link?

I am on the Learn HTML: Elements and Structure course, and it is asking me to turn something into a link.
Here is a screenshot:

Now, the problem is, this course has not shown me how to do ANY of these steps…
I understand these are free courses, but it’s very frustrating to keep running into situations where I am either being asked to do something that the course has not even taught me yet, or to type code below/above other code that the course apparently believes is there, but it really isn’t. There needs to be some serious updates…

But anyhow, if anyone could please tell me how to get around this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! :smile:

It has been taught:

which is before the fashion blog you are currently at

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<p><a href="link">NFCW</a>*****</p>

Actually, for whatever reason, that part was never included for me.
From the link you included, Page 6 teaches you how to link. That isn’t the case on my end though. Page 6 for me on that same exact lesson teaches about divs.

I am not sure why things are seeming to show up differently/not at all for me. It’s very strange, and making things significantly more complicated…

Whatever the case, thank you very much for the link to what should have been included in my lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I see now why our lessons provided different information. You drew that link from the HTML Document Standards lesson. Whereas I have only completed the HTML Elements and Structures lesson, which is before that.
So, it seems perhaps after I completed the first lesson, it went ahead and offered to let me work on the fashion blog one lesson early? Hmm… :thinking:

its the order in which the syllabus is written/structured? So yes, if you skip interactive lessons and move to the project, you might indeed run into things you haven’t yet learned

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