How do I stop auto fill special characters? like quotes or parentheses

It’s really starting to bug me that putting a singular ( or " or ’ puts the ending one right next to it. It disrupts my flow of typing because now I have to move my hand off the letters to the arrow keys, is there a setting to disable this?

Also not every compiler will have this auto-fill feature


Hello, and welcome to the forums @player_01 :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think there is a way to disable it.

To see all known shortcuts and tricks, go here:

I hope this helps =)


Darn, unfortunately this doesn’t help my situation. If this could be added as an option that would be nice but for now I’ll just power through it.

Thanks for the welcome


I’m with you in finding that feature a little annoying at times.

I tend to ignore it, continue typing what I actually wanted unchanged, and then simply remove the unnecessary characters at the end of the line when I get there. (I occasionally forget that bit, and get an error, but it mostly works.)


Its helpful, but annoying at the same time if you know what I mean. Its meant to be helpful. Some things have both, but it directs you to the middle of both instead.


No, I know what you mean - it’s helpful until it’s not, if that makes sense, and usually it’s not helpful when you’ve made a mistake (like accidentally deleting a closing quote) and have to fix it.


Does it not ‘fill in’ the second one when you manually type it? That’s what real editors and IDEs do and is what Codecademy’s editor is emulating. i.e. if you keep typing normally, including the final ', ", ), ], etc. then it’ll be fine.


Yeah, but it can be annoying to use the arrow back because it doesn’t go the the middle, and if it did use have the use the arrow key anyway…


Is there a code editor in lesson? So far I’ve had none with my 90% through “Learning how to Code.”


This is not a very elegant solution, but if this is really frustrating for you then this will help you.

You can create a new bookmark in your browser and in the address field add this code:

javascript:document.querySelector('.CodeMirror').CodeMirror.setOption("autoCloseBrackets", false);

Whenever you open a codecademy exercise just click on the bookmark and the auto-closing of brackets, parentheses and quotes will be disabled. But you have to click the bookmark every time you open the exercise.

If you use Codecademy extensively and you don’t want to click on the bookmark every 5 minutes then you can add this code as a custom user script using, for example, tampermonkey or witchcraft.