How do I start my own project on codecademy

I want to start my own project, but I don’t know how to do it on codecademy.
where can I do that?

Codecademy is a learning environment with lessons, i wouldn’t use codecademy for your own personal projects.

setup your projects locally on your machine. But without knowing what the project is and the languages involved, its difficult to say, if you could tell us something about it, we are very likable able to help you further.

if that is too big a step, there are sites like,, jsbin and jsfiddle you could use. has a lot of languages, the others are html, css and JS.

don’t get hung up on such sites for too long, in the end you will have to setup your own local development environment.

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can you give me the exact URL for
I want to write a program in python.

click here, i did, but because its an ucommon domain, codecademy didn’t make it clickable.

i am sure there are similar tools like repl, repl has python.

but i would be better to install python from the python website:

and install a text-editor like atom or vscode to write your code.

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thanks but for now I’m sticking with simple coding and don’t really want to get my own code editor.
can you run code from a simple text editor?
I’m just curious.

there are text-editors and IDE’s which have this integrated, not all, and some require some setup or plugins.

do you have a recommendation?
just in case I change my mind about the code editor cause this is becoming interesting.

i would absolute recommend a code editor, which you can setup to suit you (more then website like can), which will make you more productive

difficult to stay objective here, i personally really like the IDE’s made by a company named Jetbrains. For python they have PyCharm, a community edition (free) and professional edition (which is paid).

Pycharm is really heavy (memory wise) and contains a lot of features, which might be overwhelming in the beginning. I really like it though.

visual studio code seems to have become really popular of late and might be easier to get started with.

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thanks! I’ll check them out.