How do I skip lessons?

I learned Html&CSS almost completely(90%).
Minute ago I went to check the category in the catalog “Make a Website” and I saw that I know most of the matter. So my question is: "It’s possible to skip lessons? How do I do that?
I want to know how to build a website and not just a webpage, where should I look?

Thank you everyone!

yes, you can skip lessons, just click on the desired track, once in the exercise there is menu in the bottom left.

In tip and resources (link) Zainabrawat wrote good guides on how to create html files on your computer, and get them online

Thank you, but about the second question I probably should have to be more specific. I meant that when I writing in Notepad++ I only have a webpage and not a website.

You can more then one webpage with notepad++, then you need to host the webpages, if they are static, you can host them on github pages, see this forum section, zyvstan gives instructions on to host on github pages, zainabrawat wrote about hosting in general