How do I show employers my self-taught programming skills?


I know that it's good to show them work you've done, but I'm a bit confused on how to go about this. The gist I have right now is that it's best to get a sample database, make a sample problem, and try to solve that problem. I need to provide code and show my reasoning step by step.

Right now I'm going through the SQL courses on here. After I'm done, will I be able to do projects on this site? Or do I need to install SQL onto my computer and download some sample databases? In which case, should I take screenshots? Just keep a doc of my code and reasoning? (Sorry if this sounds like a silly question... I am very much not as familiar with technology as I probably should be.)

{Need Advice} Will me degree help me?

Absolutely all of the above and beyond. Take it into your own hands & learn all you need to be taken seriously.

I work mostly from a local develpoment environment, along with having MySQL installed, Git, PHP, etc. I keep records of all of my practice, study notes, projects, I even keep records of all of the topics which I provide extensive answers to on codecademy. Most of the topics I answer here have actually given me great source material to build my own reference/documentation on my own website.


Build your own portfolio of your work. Basically it's like a webpage that displays all of your work. That's what I do.

Good luck


Hey @towels, keep it simple! To start, pick a company that fits you - philosophy, culture, etc. After doing so, contact 'em. Don't worry that you don't have anything to show yet! Compose really good cover letter (without mistakes :D) and ask from them a couple of test challenges. Then see if you can solve them ... under the deadline.
As a bonus, this approach will provide you some clarity about your current state of capabilities.