How do I share my gist from github

Hi .I have recently completed my project ,“The Boredless Tourist” and now I wish to share it on github. I read the instructions to click the share option whicch generates the gist link. My question is what do I do next?
Thank You…:heart:

you can post the share link? Then we can access the gists.

This is the gist link:

Now,what do I do?

that is it? What more do you want?

Like,I just shared it here. How do I put this up in my github profile? Like how do I show to others that I completed this?

A gist is for simpl and quickly sharing some code.

Your github profiles shows your repositories/projects. So then you should make a repository.

You have to create a account on github where you can add all your projects. If need any help there are many tutorials on youtube :smile: