How do i share my "Animate Your Name" code


So i want to share my "Animate Your Name" code with friends.
I want to put the code in a forum as my profile signature.
can someone help me and tell me how do i do that?


that depends. you can easily share it on a site like jsbin, jsfiddle or codepen.

Or you can actually host it on the static github page, see here for some guides about hosting


There is a forum. on my profile i want to put my animated name as my signature.


i don't know about the profile signature, that depends on what that forum is allowing. You will have to ask there


So please tell me what are the ways to do it and i'll check it later


there are so many ways, you can check out some of the sites i mentioned, and the tips and resource section on the community forum which should help you.

Just find where you want to share it, and you should be able to copy paste all code


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