How do I run .rb programs on my windows computer?


I was just wondering how I can run ruby outside of


you go to the ruby website, which contains both the installer and how to/guides to get you started


After I have installed ruby, and I try to run a .rb file, it opens it up and closes it again really fast and I can't see what the program did. is there any way to keep the window open long enough to see what happened?


ask for key input before closing the program? Run the program from the command line in the first place? I am sure the ruby site covers this as well. I have not that much experience with windows + ruby


Thanks for helping me.


it isn't much help, but sometimes you need to discover things yourself to learn them. And this things are tricky to explain a forum, you can always look at youtube, that is really helpful


I tried putting it in the command line and it worked! Thank you very much for your suggestion! btw, I did check youtube, and there wasn't really too much on ruby, but some of it still did help.


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