How do I run javascript on windows?

Well the title kinda states my question…

I tried running the code

console.log(‘hello world’)

Which works perfectly in the lessons, but it tells me “console is undefined”. Is something special needed in the code to let the computer know were my console is?
How about a special program to be used as an interpreter like Python?

What software did you use to run your JS code?

Your browser has a JS engine, you could use this engine. However, then you need to make a html file you can open in the browser and then link your JS file.

I tried running it directly from the browser but it would not run Java or Java script as part of its security protocal. I dug into settings trying to turn it off but think I missed something. It keeps offering to run the code but then it crashes.

I just started javascript, but could it be that I need a loop to keep the program going or the code will just end and the program stop?

How do I link a java to html, is it the same way as linking a css file?

And the software I am running is windows seven, windows seven internet explorer, and google crome.
I know I am outdated but I don’t like windows 8 and 10. :rofl:

Java and Javascript are absolutely not the same thing.

its similar, but not exactly the same.

Windows 7 had EoL, i would not advise using outdated software in this day and age with the increasing popularity of ransomware.

My bad that was a typing error on my part. I am taking both courses so I know they aren’t the same.

Thanks for the advice but don’t worry about any malware related stuff getting put on my device. My computer is a custom built desktop, able to run 6 hard drives and a BlueRay player/Disk burner without using a single one of its 10 USB ports. I currently have four different Operating Systems on it, and as a security precaution it has no wireless connection boards in it, so it can’t connect to bluetooth or wifi, and allow viruses to easily get downloaded, without me physically connecting a USB adapter.

Even then though I try never to do that because I can download files from my more secure laptop, run antiviruses over the code, and then flash-drive anything I need over to it, and even if the computer was damaged in anyway, I have multiple backups on hard drives that are not connected to the computer, so I can simply wipe the whole thing and start over.
Thanks for the advice, but I specifically have that computer set up to run old programs and write new ones with out any reliance on wifi or other peoples files that would pose a security risk.

:open_mouth:Sorry, got a little off topic there, back to what I was asking.
Please allow me to rephrase my question, typed properly.

How do I link JavaScript to an HTML file?

And what is Eol?

using the <script></script> tag with src attribute.

End of Life, usually used in software to indicate a version has reached its end

Can you please type out an example? I haven’t seen it any were in the HTML lesson.

For that, we have documentation:

Thank you very much.