How do I run a program on Github

I have just started using Github and I have no idea how to run a program. Can someone tell me how to run a program on Github, without installing Git on my computer and using the command line?

Hello @robloxpro,
define “running a programm”.

You mean a web-service for example? That’s not possible as far as I know,
since GitHub is just a repository for your files.

Hope that I could help you :slight_smile:

So it’s just a place to store your code? Wish I had known that.

If you are planning on running programs, i would just do this on your PC. Git is just version control software and github a place to store it. (and collaborate with others, using the version control)

Having said this, you can host static webpages on github. Or even some dynamic ones in combination with amazon AWS. But you didn’t specify anything specific in your question, so can’t answer that