How do I return a character by its Unicode value?

I decided to rewrite my checkType() method completely (it’s supposed to determine the type of an input String, whether it’s an integer, decimal, Roman, or something else). To do that, I created two arrays: one is supposed to comprise integers, another latin letters (I understand that not all latin letters are used in the Roman numeral system, it’s okay). I autofilled the integer array with a for loop

public void checkType() {
char[] standardArabChars = new char[10];
for(int i = 0; i < standardArabChars.length; i++){
standardArabChars[i] = (char)i;

I was wondering how I could autofill the latin array in a similar way? Maybe, you could tell me how I can get a character by its Unicode value? Then, I’d do something like this

char[] standardRomanChars = new char[26];
for(int i = 0; i < standardRomanChars.length; i++){
standardRomanChars[i] = getSymbolByUnicodeValue(65 + i);