How Do I Reset A Course?

Hello. I’m trying to reset a course to 0% but can’t find a way to do it. Some people are saying there’s a button, but I can’t find it. If the reset course button is still there, could someone help me find it?

Shane :grin:

Hello, from the dashboard (the homepage when logged in), you can click My Courses at the top, then click on the particular course, skill path, or career path you want to reset, then look for:

Just be very cautious. If you reset a career path or skill path, then any courses that are part of the path will also be reset, even if it overlaps with something else you’ve already taken. For example, if you’ve taken JavaScript before on its own but now you’re going to reset a career path that includes JavaScript, then JavaScript still gets reset too.

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Okay, got it. Thank you.