How do I report a bug?

Before submitting a bug report, please take the time to check that you have indeed found a bug and not another kind of error.

Have you troubleshooted your code and double-checked it with the instructions? Have you checked the forums and searched the web to see if other people have had that problem? If you can’t find any answers already out there, have you posted here on the forums to ask what’s going on? Have you encountered this problem multiple times, including on different browsers and in incognito mode? Do you know if the error is reproducible? Reproducibility is vital for programmers to be able to find out why an error is happening and diagnose why - of they can’t replicate your error, it will be very difficult for them to investigate it. What steps lead to this error?

If you’re sure you’ve found a bug, thanks so much for finding it and being willing to report it so that we can make Codecademy better! Please visit our help center to learn more about how to flag this issue to us. As always please give context about where this error is found (include a link), what happens with it (include a screenshot), and when it happens (what you discovered with reproducing the bug will help a ton).

Thanks again for taking the time to help us improve Codecademy!