How do I remove courses from my dashboard?

I’ve read some old threads from 2016 to 2019, and I can see one of them linked to a way to do it in a Pro account supposedly, but when I clicked the link it said it was no longer accessible. I tried a more recent way which was to reset the progress on my course, but it still shows up on my dashboard.

I’m trying out Python 2, but then they released Python 3 and I’d rather just have 1. Is it actually possible to remove the course?

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Hi @draft-punk - welcome to the forums (and cool name!)

I’ve had a look, but I can’t see any way to remove a course from your dashboard. I’ll ask and see if there’s a way that I’m missing. :slight_smile:

Hey @draft-punk

I’ve had a chat with some of the folks from CC about this.

At the moment, it’s not possible to completely remove a course you’ve started from your “My Courses” dashboard.

You can reset the progress of any course, so you can (re)take it from scratch, but it will remain listed in “My Courses” with 0% progress in that case.

If you desperately want a completely clean slate, the only option would be to create a brand new account with Codecademy. You would, however, lose all your progress from all courses because, well, it’d be a brand new account.

Hope that answers your question, though I realise that it’s possibly not the answer you were hoping for. :slightly_smiling_face:


Has there been any update? I have a bunch of skills paths and courses with similar names and it’s hard to keep track. I end up wasting 15 minutes every time I jump back in trying to find the course I was working. Thanks!

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No, there is still no way to remove a course from your dashboard once you’ve commenced it.

The “Today” tab of your Dashboard ought to show you, under the Learn heading, the last course/path that you were working on allowing you to jump back in.

If you’re switching between different paths, this will not help you and you’ll have to go via the My Courses section.


I feel like this should be an option that should have been made available over the years. Is this is even a feature request task that the team is aware of?

It’s now available as an option, as far as I know…

On the course dashboard, if you click Edit you can “unenroll” (i.e. remove) courses from the dashboard.

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You are correct. It should be available to everybody