How do i regain my lost progress in Python

when switched back to the language we can regain the lost progress., but how do we regain the progress when it is the issue with the email. Can it be solved? i just changed my gmail’s password, so all the progress only with python got erased/reset. Can it be solved?

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the python got upgraded to new enviroment, this was announced via:

in the course itself

It also mentioned progress would be affected, so no, there is no recovery option


so, i should start it again. Alright thanks :grinning:

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yep, you will have to start over. Good luck!


I’ve got the same issue - I lost two days of progress in Python. And looking back at the announcement email, 3 days before the update, it said: “How does this impact you? When you visit the Python course (renamed to Learn Python) you will be placed where you left off and your course progress will be the same. You will still be able to navigate back to previous exercises and lessons.”

That would be great. Any chance later lessons could be unlocked without having to go through all previous exercises again?

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The only way to unlock exercise is by completing them again


That’s rather crazy and counterintuitive. So now I have to go through half of the course because I reset it by mistake? I think I will look for another service provider…

that is your choice. The upgrade was announced well in time, so students could handle it.